Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2017 California Land Conservation Conference at the UC Davis. CA. Our goal for every conference is to deliver the most cutting-edge and relevant education to land trusts, public agency partners and colleagues throughout the state. 

2017 Conference Program

List of Attendees

Speaker PowerPoints and Handouts                                                                 


Call to Action, Ane Deister, Executive Director of California Council of Land Trusts
Accelerating Nature Based Solutions: The Role of Land Trusts in Securing Our Future, Ellie Cohen, Point Blue Conservation Science

Break Out Plenary Notes
Regional Meeting Break Out Notes
Land Trust Watershed Map


EBW.1 Land Trust Standards and Practices 2017: What’s New

Land Trust Standards and Practices Overview 
Accreditation Indicator Elements
Fact Sheet Highlights
What’s New

W.1.1 Land Trust Partnerships: San Vicente Redwoods

W.2.1 40+ Years of Wetlands Restoration in the San Francisco Bay

W.2.2 The Napa River Restoration Project

W.3.1 Partnerships Enhancing Our Voice and Operations

Mary Creasman, Trust for Public Land
Brianne Riley, Bay Planning Coalition

W.4.1 What’s the Deal with Vacant Lots? Community Organizing for Green Space

Community Participation Tool Sheet

W.4.2 Conversations and Tools for Developing an Inclusive Outings Program

W.5.1 Stewarding Land and Cultivating Relationships with a Stewardship Assistance Program

SAP Application
SAP Landowner Agreement
MALT Project Rankings

W.5.2 Partnering to Conserve Agricultural Lands

CA Farmlink Land Trust Brochure
CA Farmlink Genera; Brochure

W.6.1 Land Trusts and Appraisals: Managing a Difficult Process

W.7.1 Five Things Land Trusts Should Know About GIS

W.7.2 How To Creat a Viral Campaign to Encourage Park Visitation

W.8.1 Next Gen Science Standards for Next Gen Land Stewardship

JMLT Pointing to Success Brochure

W.8.2 The Lincoln High School Farm: A Case Study for Agricultural and Environmental Education

W.8.3 Recreational Access: Creating Connections and Inviting Spaces


TR.9 Executive Directors Forum

Executive Directors Forum Break Out Notes
Land Trust Training and Apprenticeship Program

TR.10 Conservation Law Forum

Using Affirmative Covenants in Conservation Easements

Interactive Roundtable on Advanced Tax Issues and Case Update: Handout

TR.12 Mitigation Summit – Part I

Potential Funding for Wetlands Restoration on Your Conserved Lands

TR.14.2 Advocacy Opportunities for Land Trusts

Furthering Landscape Protections Through Public Advocacy

Furthering Landscape Protections Through Public Advocacy (2)

How Land Trusts Should Engage in Land Use Decisions

TR.15.2 Spring Surveys for Land Trusts – Lessons Learned from a Regional Survey

TR.16.1 Central Valley Habitat Exchange

TR.16.2 The Sacramento River Ranch Agriculture, Mitigation and Conservation