Capacity Building Programs for Land Trusts

California Council of Land Trusts (CCLT) has developed programs for land trusts to build and sustain the capacity of California land trusts and their partners to help implement the state’s Natural and Working Lands Climate Smart Strategy (NWLCSS) and the Pathways to 30x30 (30x30).

We are pleased to announce funding for two different programs:


Climate Smart Land Management Program: Capacity Building and Technical Assistance
Pathways to Climate Success: The California Onward Program for Land Trusts


The California Onward Capacity Building and Grant Program: Accelerating Conservation to Reach 30x30

Each program includes capacity building for land trusts in the form of direct block grants, as well as technical training and assistance, with a focus on building equity and partnerships with tribes, tribal organizations, and disadvantaged or under resourced communities.

We anticipate being able to share more information about these programs by May 2024.

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