In response to member interest and field maturation, CCLT has organized Conservation Affinity Groups that cover the large topical areas in which land trusts and partners operate to help promote new models, new thinking, and new practices within the land trust community. Everyone is welcome to join the events, workshops, or discussions of an Affinity Group and each group has a steering committee of two to five people.

Every Affinity Group has been given a block of time at the annual conference to design a program within its area of expertise. For the remainder of the year, each Affinity Group will define goals and decide what would serve them best, i.e., conference calls, virtual round tables, a list serve, or field trips. CCLT’s support is available to the extent that we have resources.

The Affinity Groups are as follows:

• Communications
• Conservation Relevance (includes education)
• Executive Directors
• Finance/CFO
• Fund Development
• Real Estate Transactions
• Stewardship