The First Annual California Council of Land Trusts Film Fest #CCLTFilmFest

We are grateful to partner with Griff Griffith, former host of Animal Planet’s Wild Jobs, on the launch of our new social media short film festival highlighting the unique work of our California Land Trusts.

Participating in the California Council of Land Trust’s First Annual Film Fest #CCLTFilmFest is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work and connect with a community passionate about conservation, preservation, and restoration. Gain exposure, engage with like-minded individuals, and attract new followers, supporters, donors, and volunteers for your Land Trust and its mission.

For Participants:

  • Follow the rules, guidelines, and best practices outlined below.
  • Check out "Griff’s Tips" to make the most of your participation.

For Non-Participants:

  • Support CCLT Film Fest participants by liking and sharing their videos and boosting their marketing efforts.
  • In the age of social media, our movement grows with engaging content, so let's all participate in the First Annual CCLT Film Fest!

Film Festival Judges:

Key Benefits:

  • Adding fuel and hope to the land conservation, restoration, and outdoor recreation movement.
  • Connecting with new followers, supporters, donors, and volunteers.
  • Inspiring with your Land Trust's mission through edu-taining content.
  • Providing a sense of hope to people who are concerned about our environment.
  • Gaining exposure and recognition within the conservation community.
  • Making viewers aware of your Land Trust’s public access, youth programs, dynamic education, interpretation, and outreach programs.
  • Helping you reach a diverse audience of Californians.
First Annual CCLT Film Fest’s Three Award Categories: 
  1. Most Popular: This will be measured by how many engagements (likes, shares, comments) your video gets on both your platform and on CCLT’s platforms. 
  2. Most Inspirational: This will be decided by three “celebrity” judges.
  3. Most Entertaining: This will be decided by three “celebrity” judges.
Film Festival Rules:
  • Duration:
    • Videos must be more than one minute and no longer than four minutes.
  • Orientation:
    • Entries can be filmed vertically or horizontally on your phone depending on the platform. TikTok is pushing more horizontal videos just recently. However, most people view videos on their phones, so vertical filming is encouraged.
  • Hashtag:
    • Use the designated hashtag on your entries: #CCLTFilmFest
  • Platform Compatibility:
    • Create videos for one or all of the following platforms: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Don’t have a current social media account? Send your video to CCLT at [email protected] and we can post on your behalf.
  • Usage Permission:
    • Permit CCLT to use your video in their outreach efforts, website, and social media platforms. Send an email to [email protected] indicating we have permission to use it.
    • Make sure you have appropriate permissions and/or licensing for any photos, music, or video clips you use in your film.
  • Submission:
    • There are no restrictions on the number of videos you can submit. However, if you exceed five, please reach out for further discussion.
    • Deadline: We encourage videos to be posted as soon as possible. All videos must be submitted by Monday, March 11.
  • Acknowledgment of Ancestral Land:
    • If known and well-documented, state whose ancestral land you're on in your video. For example, "All of this awesome work to preserve nature is happening right here in Griffstown in Humboldt County, in the homeland of the Yurok people." You can say more or even feature the tribe in your video.
  • Video Start:
    • Do not begin the video with introductions; instead, start with an enticing hook. More information on creating compelling hooks is available in the "Tell a Compelling Story" section.
  • Pre-existing Videos:
    • You may submit a video that you've already made and posted. Ensure it complies with our Rules, Guidelines, and Best Practices before submitting it to the First Annual CCLT Film Fest.
Guidelines and Best Practices:

Ready to Learn More?

Click here for even more story ideas, tips for closing your video, and additional resources and guidelines.