Conservation organizations can acquire some of the funding needed for their work in the form of donations—gifts of money or land given by private individuals and corporations. Some donations are earmarked by the donor for specific purposes, such as the acquisition of a parcel of land or a conservation easement, sponsorship to support an event, or to honor an individual. Donations may also be given as general support for the land trust’s activities and operations and thus provide a source of unrestricted funds for the organization. Due to the unpredictability of donations, they are not ideal for funding operations, stewardship or administration. However, many land trusts are dependent upon donations to meet these needs due to lack of viable alternative

In certain circumstances, donations may qualify as a charitable contribution and may provide tax benefits to the donor.

Additional information on charitable contributions can be found at:,-Charitable-Contributions-1

Initial donations can lead to multiple donations so continuing cultivation of donors is essential. Building relationships and having board members and staff with fundraising and donor relations expertise is highly valuable.