Ecosystem Services Coordinator – private farm, Carmel Valley CA

We are a small diversified farm located in Monterey County looking for an Ecosystem Services Coordinator to support our mission of enhancing and sustaining a diverse and robust ecosystem both above and below ground.  By leveraging biological diversity at the soil, field, and landscape scales, we strive to find a natural balance in our farming methods so that our crops are protected and pollinated efficiently above ground and below ground they are thriving in symbiosis with a rich soil food web that ultimately creates nutrient dense food and maximizes human health.

The Ecosystem Services Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining systems that support the local ecosystem, from fungi and insects, to mountain lions and golden eagles and everything in between.  They will work with the farm management team to ensure that soil and livestock is being managed in a way that maximizes photosynthesis, is thriving with microbiology, and ultimately cycling nutrients.  We have a network of bee hives, bluebird boxes, barn owl boxes, raptor perches, beetle banks, hedgerows, and wild lands that need management.  We also create compost and vermicompost, brew compost teas and extracts and need someone familiar with microscopy and the soil food web on an identification level.  We recycle all of our organic waste onsite and in the offseason we fabricate our own biochar.  We are also pursuing Korean Natural Farming and Biodynamic practices as well in an effort to eventually create the majority of our fertility practices from onsite materials.  The Ecosystem Services Coordinator will thrive in a role supporting all these efforts and should also have a strong knowledge of native California plants as well as IPM methods and insect identification.

We offer year round employment, competitive pay, and a generous benefits package.  The Ecosystem Services Coordinator will report to the Ranch Director and work closely with the Farm Manager for the collaborative success of the farm to achieve its goals.  The farm’s goals are primarily two fold:

  1. To produce a large diversity of high-quality, organically grown, clean, nutrient-dense foods and other farm products to meet the ongoing demands of the property owners and future farm clientele.

  2. To create and maintain an aesthetically beautiful and ecologically balanced ranch and farm property.

The Ecosystem Services Coordinator requires excellent communication skills and the ability to keep up with a busy and diverse schedule.  All employees must exercise good judgment and discretion in handling confidential matters as the farm is also home to several residents.  They will honor and uphold the privacy of the property owner and the ranch residences and additionally they will pride themselves with integrity and honesty.

Our farm cultivates a diverse variety of crops including vegetables, flowers, fruits, olives, mushrooms, eggs, value-added products, and also has a diversity of livestock.  We are also in the process of obtaining several certifications including Regenerative Organic, CCOF, and Demeter.  Occasionally the Ecosystem Services Coordinator will Assist the Ranch Director with purchasing, organic certification recordkeeping, vendor agreements, and other correspondence if needed.

Primary Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Above ground ecosystem monitoring,  integration, and habitat development by ensuring the soil is covered with plants, that flowers are present, that native trees and shrubs are part of the farm, and that wildlife is constantly present.

  • Below ground soil ecosystem monitoring and development by ensuring the soil is covered with plants, our compost is ‘bio-complete’, our flow through vermicompost bins are thriving, and through microscopy, ensuring that our compost teas are teaming with microbes.

  • Apiary development and maintenance.  Harvesting, packing, storage, and processing of honey products.

  • Occasionally assist the Ranch Director with purchasing, expenses, and recordkeeping, vendor agreements, and other correspondences.


  • experience in professional farming or professional gardening

  • experience with compost and the soil food web, including microscopy

  • capable of working in a fast-paced outdoor environment

  • have a valid driver’s license

  • capable of physical labor in all weather

  • Able for full-time active work in and around the farm

  • Able to lift 40 lbs safely on a consistent basis

  • Able to work on various slopes, grades and on various surfaces including pastures, lawns, tarps, soil, and mulched areas

  • Able to reach, bend, stoop, lift, carry, move typical items related to agricultural and livestock management

  • Able to use stairways, ladders, and stools.

  • Able to tolerate normal exposure to equipment noise

  • Able to work with livestock, poultry, canines, bees, and daily exposure to pollens

  • Able to use standard computer, telephone and related equipment for communication and recordkeeping

  • Able to provide limited on-call availability and responsiveness during non business hours


  • Paid vacation starting at 15 days per year and paid sick leave

  • Matching 401k up to 6%

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Daily farm lunches provided

  • End of year bonus

  • 12 paid holidays per year

  • Uniforms and laundry services provided

We aim to hire employees that are career focused.  This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who is ready to take on the challenge, responsibility, and gratification of farming with nature.  Farming tasks are often strenuous and repetitive, so we aim to build a team that works together to share the labor demands and maintain a positive collaborative working environment.  The position will require the ability to work with constant deadlines and changing priorities while maintaining the ability to gracefully accept direct feedback.  This is a year-round salaried position starting at $70,000 – $80,000 / year with a generous end of the year bonus for those who excel and show a strong commitment to the farm.  Please send cover letter and resume to [email protected].