Growing Our Future: Sustainable Food Systems for California

Growing Our Future Report

Growing Our Future” celebrates the agricultural powerhouse that is California and recognizes the complexity of growing and maintaining a sustainable food system for our state.  Whether protecting agricultural land, buying local, food banks or other actions, the organizations profiled in the report are delivering solutions for growing a sustainable food system in California.  We call on California’s leaders, organizations, producers, and citizens to recognize that having a sustainable food system for our state depends upon Californians understanding, valuing, and actively supporting the land, water, and human power needed to deliver healthy and sustainably-grown food to all our tables.

“This report is the most succinct yet powerful portrayal of our food system in California.  The numbers are impressive and yet unnerving.”  –Kevin Sanchez, Yolo Food Bank

“It exemplifies the multi-level importance of California agriculture, and shows the definitive linkage between how and where food is produced and the Californians who eat it.  As this document makes clear, food does not come from supermarket.” –Bill Martin, Central Valley Farmland Trust

“The California Council of Land Trusts’ Food and Ag report brings to light the key issues facing agriculture today and does it in a very proactive context. There are amazing organizations all across the State dedicated to ensuring the next generation will prosper from California’s agricultural bounty.”  –Mary Kimball, Center for Land-Based Learning

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