Stewardship Specialist – The Sacramento Valley Conservancy

The Sacramento Valley Conservancy (SVC) was established in 1990 as the first local land trust in Sacramento County, CA. SVC preserves open space for agricultural, scenic, recreational, and habitat purposes. SVC has protected over 18,000 acres of land including regional trail systems, farms, vernal pool preserves, and oak woodlands. SVC is governed by a ten-member Board of Trustees and has seven full-time staff, three part time staff, more than 70 dedicated docents, hundreds of volunteers, and various consultants.

SVC’s Stewardship Specialist monitors and ensures proper reporting and record-keeping for all SVC’s owned and easement properties, manage land stewardship and habitat restoration projects (especially regarding land management issues), and assists the Stewardship Director with coordinating baseline reports and/or biological surveys, as needed. The Stewardship Specialist works in cooperation with the Camp Pollock Manager and Program Coordinator and reports to the Stewardship Director. All SVC employees ultimately report to the Executive Director.

This is budgeted as a ½ time to a full-time position, depending on what is negotiated at the time of hire. Compensation starts at $20-$25 hourly, commensurate with experience, paid by actual hours worked during each pay period. Time will fluctuate during the year, depending on project activity. Flexible hours and benefits package include a 403b retirement account with a board-approved match (currently 4% of annual wages; as funding allows), optional medical benefits, sick leave, accrual of paid time off, holiday pay, worker’s compensation, and state disability.

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