CCLT’s mission is to conserve California’s extraordinary land and water resources through a strong network of land trusts with one cohesive voice across urban and rural communities.

To advance our mission and vision for California, we rely upon the following five key strategies. Each strategy has a set of goals and priorities as explored in our A Vision and Strategy for the California Council of Land Trusts.

  1. CCLT is a statewide thought-leader and the voice for California land trusts and conservation.
  2. CCLT advances a pro-active public policy agenda to ensure strong laws and policies for conserving land and supporting land trust operations.
  3. CCLT creates and sustains financial resources to meet the diversity of land conservation needs.
  4. CCLT assures communication within the land trust community and increases visibility and support for land trusts and land conservation.
  5. CCLT provides tools and leadership to build highly knowledgeable, effective and resilient land trusts to conserve and steward California’s important land resources.

Organizational Leadership. CCLT’s Board of Directors is composed of land trust directors and professionals from key sectors interested in land and water conservation and vibrant communities in California. Our active and engaged committees – especially in the areas of Governmental Relations and Membership and Education – also provide critical leadership for CCLT. Board and committee members serve as individuals although we share their affiliations for information purposes

Staff. CCLT employs one full-time, one part-time staff, and we utilize consultants as needed. Our staff has expertise in the areas of conservation, ecology, land use, policy, communications, education, land trust operations, program design and delivery, management, and administrative operations.

Membership. Two types of membership are available in CCLT: land trust and professional. We depend upon the support and participation of our members. They have the opportunity to participate in special briefings, programs, and activities as well as receive services. Land trusts must meet specific qualifications for membership.

Programs and Activities. CCLT has three key programs: Governmental Relations, Communications and Education. Click on a program name to learn more. We are looking forward to hosting more California Land and Water Conservation Conferences and trainings. We publish news and other information for land trusts, agencies, professionals and others interested conservation. We advocate for funding and strong laws for land and water conservation. We support Affinity Groups that each work in different areas of professional concern for conservation.

History. In 2003, land trusts undertook an 18-month process of regional and statewide discussions, needs assessments, and research to consider how it could organize to address shared goals and needs. It was guided by a steering committee comprised of land trust staff and board members drawn from throughout the state and staffed by Darla Guenzler from the Bay Area Open Space Council. The land trust community decided to form CCLT in June 2004 and it was launched in January 2005.

Legal Structure. CCLT is a public benefit corporation organized under the laws of California and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our annual IRS 990 filing is available upon request.

If you would like to view CCLT's latest strategic review, please Click Here