Max Points

Purpose, Need, Impact

Project addresses a specific problem or need, goals and benefits are clearly described, project aligns with land trust’s mission/purpose, goals, and priorities. 


Advancing California Conservation

Project is aligned with the goals of California’s NWLCSS and/or the Pathways to 30x30 and applicant can qualitatively & quantitatively describe how funding request would support goals and objectives in the NWLCSS and/or Pathways to 30x30


Advancing Objectives of CA Onward Program

Project is aligned with the goals of the CA Onward Program and applicant can quantitatively and qualitatively describe how funding request would support goals and objectives of CA Onward.


Readiness and Success

Project has well defined metrics for success. Applicant demonstrates that the project is feasible. Proposal demonstrates that necessary preparations for the project are sufficient for prompt project completion. 


Community Support,

Project has public and institutional support and includes stakeholder, community, and Tribal input as appropriate.


Community Collaboration and Engagement (if applicable)

Project advances broader community needs, programs, and objectives, and demonstrates broad community benefit. If applicable, partners are involved in defining the problem and solutions and analysis of relevant data and planning documents. Project is in and/or demonstrates direct benefits to a California underserved or designated Severely Disadvantaged or Disadvantaged Community.

(bonus if applicable)

Native Tribe or Native-led organization (if applicable)

Project is on Tribally controlled land or otherwise demonstrates direct benefits to Native communities. 

(bonus if applicable)

Project Team

Project team demonstrates sufficient organizational capacity to complete and sustain the proposed grant funded activities.


Grant Activities

Grant tasks and activities are clearly described and appropriate for project goals.


Project Work Plan

Project can be accomplished within the stated grant period of 6-23 months. Proposal demonstrates a reasonable schedule and is consistent with the tasks shown in the project narrative.



Project budget only includes allowable expenses and is within the range of $15,000-$150,000 or has received written approval for a higher budget. Proposed budget is appropriate to the work proposed and is consistent with the tasks shown in the project narrative. If applicable: match or cost share is secured and demonstrated.


The grant proposals will be scored in accordance with the breakdown outlined in the grant evaluation criteria in the table above. However, scores will be one of many aspects used to determine final grant decisions, including geography and focus areas, and impact on Native Tribes or Native organizations, underserved or disadvantaged and severely disadvantaged communities. The GRC may recommend modifications, including recommending partial funding, to meet program priorities, funding targets, and available funding limitations. 

Final funding decisions rest solely with CCLT.

Grant Guidelines

Webinar Registration
July 24 at 12:00pm

Grant Timeline*

June 20, 2024

Grant Applications Open

July 9-Sep 20, 2024

CA Onward Program Director available for consultations

July 24 from 12:00pm-1:00pm

Virtual Information Webinar

Sep 20, 2024

Applications Due 

Oct 18, 2024

Grant Decisions (est.)

Oct 31, 2024 – Oct 1, 2026

Potential Grant Period

*Applications from Native-led land trusts, or applications that include partnerships with underserved community organizations and/or Tribes or Native-led organizations may be submitted at any time. Please contact the CA Onward Program Director by September 20, 2024 to inform us of your intent to apply. Funding is limited and will be provided as applications are received and evaluated. 

Resources and FAQs

Contact Information
Karin Winters, CA Onward Program Director
E-mail:  [email protected]
Phone: 916-497-0272 x2
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