The California Council of Land Trust’s program portfolio is organized into three categories: policy advocacy, education and training, and communication. CCLT is dedicated to building programs that are responsive to the needs of the land trust community and relevant to the current challenges and opportunities facing land and resource conservation. Our current programs cover a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to, agricultural mitigation, land trust accreditation, and appraisals. CCLT just launched an exciting new initiative “Conservation Horizons”, which is designed to ensure that conservation’s future is as successful as our past has been.


The California Council of Land Trusts’ program for policy advocacy and governmental relations addresses a variety of topics, activities and legislation that impact land trusts and the conservation of land and water. In service to our members and partners, CCLT monitors issues, performs legal/bill analysis, develops solutions, provides information and takes action as appropriate in administrative, legislative and legal arenas.

CCLT’s Statement of Policy Principles and Goals is an articulation of the policies, goals and evaluation criteria that guide our decision-making process about those items to which we may devote resources. It also serves to inform our members, associates and partners.

  • Land Trust Benefits
  • Focus on State and Precedence
  • Community Impact
  • Continued, New and Increased Resources
  • Land Trust Credibility
  • Maintaining and Increasing Funding and Tools
  • Defending Protected Lands
  • Sustaining a Strong Operating Environment
  • Capturing Emerging Opportunities


CCLT gathers information, conducts research and undertakes analysis to generate thoughtful information for land trusts and partners to understand the issues confronting conservation.  This information may be in a variety of forms from written reports and monthly newsletters to geographic-spatial data.

CCLT posts webinar recordings on a YouTube channel.

Monthly E-Newsletter
CCLT publishes a monthly E-Newsletter. Please subscribe to the newsletter or email [email protected] for more information.


The California Council of Land Trusts education programs offers a wide variety of relevant educational opportunities for our member land trusts.  Our goal at CCLT is to make every effort to meet the needs of California’s land trust community by staying on the cutting edge of conservation policy, legal issues, current events related to land stewardship and community outreach. Below is a list of our current Education Projects: